VRMesh v7.6 is released!

This new release has significantly improved the performance of VRMesh in the following areas:


  • Index/Attach: Optimizes memory performance.

Survey Tools:

  • Extract Building Footprints: Makes the boundary tracing more accurate.
  • Classify in Section Viewport: Reorganizes the manual classification tool for better performance.

Mesh Tools:

  • Point Cloud to Mesh: Reduces memory usage and improves performance when working with large point clouds.
  • Seam Gaps: Reduces memory usage and improves performance.
  • Extract All Parts: Provides capabilities to recognize cylinders and tubes.
  • Fit Two Objects: Allows all objects in the same group as the source object to be transformed together.
  • Manual Registration: Allows you to mark dots by inputting coordinates (x, y, z).
  • Remove Inside Parts: A new function allowing you to remove all inner triangles with preservation of outer triangles.
  • Fill Boundary by Skin: A new function for filling an open area with a skin method.
  • Dental Implant Wizard: Adds a batch processing module for streamlining drill guide design.


  • Mesh to NURBS: Simplifies the workflow for NURBS creation.



Why VRMesh

  • Convert real world data from any 3D scanning devices into high quality meshes for a variety of applications.
  • A powerful and comprehensive toolset for mesh healing and editing.
  • Speed up the transition from sketches to model.
  • Complete organic details and solids.
  • Flexible control from fully automated to precise, interactive refinement.
  • A high-level and affordable application tool.


Automatic / Manual Registration

  • Support real world data from any 3D scanning devices in XYZ ASCII format.
  • Manually register two objects (point clouds / meshes) using 1 point or multiple points.
  • Automatically register multiple objects using global registration.
  • Automatically simplify and merge multiple objects into point clouds.

Mesh Repairing

  • Unify normals, stitch gaps.
  • Fill holes by curvature / plane / cap.
  • Analyze and fix triangle errors with step-through wizard.

Mesh Editing

  • Optimize meshes with feature-preserving smoothing and decimation.
  • Restore sharp edges along feature curves.
  • Smooth, fillet, trim, and extend boundary edges.
  • Offset meshes with variable thickness.
  • Union, subtract, and intersect arbitrary triangle meshes using Boolean operation.
  • Create multiple cross sections by plane.


  • Generate color-mapped objects to illustrate deviations.
  • Create and modify dynamic annotations to show deviations.
  • Export the information of the selected points to Microsoft Word/Excel for inclusion in reports.

Smart Form

  • Create free-form 3D models from sketched curves.
  • Create objects by sweeping / revolving.

Digital Clay

  • Reshape existing objects intuitively by clicking / dragging.
  • Add complex elements on the surface.

Point Cloud to Mesh

  • Triangulate point clouds to meshes optimally and accurately in one click.
  • Automatically delete redundant overlapping points.


  • Measure and annotate the information of point, point-to-point distance, or angle between two rays.