RapidForm XOScan3 / XORedesign3 / XOVerifier

Standard Software for 3D Scanner

and Reverse Engineering

Rapidform is the most powerful full-featured application for 3D scan data processing currently available. Employing a new purpose-built geometric kernel, rapidform was designed from scratch with a focus on massive scan data handling, performance, ease of use, and calculation accuracy. Rapidform is available as one package or as three single segments:


XOS provides functions for processing raw scan data and creating a complete polygon model. Leading-edge architecture built from the ground up to provide the most accurate and fastest 3D scan data processing in the industry.

Rapidform XOScan allows users to clean up data from scanners, align multiple point clouds to each other using our industry-leading registration algorithms, triangulate the point clouds into polygon meshes, merge multiple scan shots into one complete 3D model and create an optimized 3D model for Non-CAD downstream applications such as cultural heritage reconstruction, medical and dental, computer graphics, surveying, rapid prototyping, CAE, etc. Rapidform XOS consists of a number of fundamental functionalities for initial processing of 3D scan data, such as point cloud cleaning & sampling, triangulation, registration & merging, decimation, polygon optimization, etc. Rapidform XOS is designed to take in data from virtually any device that generates point clouds or polygon meshes, and handle it effectively no matter what its size.

XOR makes the process of creating parametric CAD models from real world parts faster and easier by utilizing a design process and user interface that are instantly familiar to CAD users.

Rapidform XOR/Redesign is the first software solution that allows users to go from 3D scan data to a fully parametric CAD model. While traditional 3D scan data processing software has focused solely on improving the tools for optimizing polygon mesh models or generating high quality NURBS surfaces from 3D scan data, the needs of those who require parametric CAD model from 3D scan data have been largely ignored. Rapidform XOR addresses the limitations of existing 3D scan data processing software by complementing its mesh modeling and NURBS surfacing capabilities with newly developed CAD modeling capabilities, providing users with the tools to go from 3D scan data to a parametric CAD model. Before the development of Rapidform XOR, those who wanted to make design modifications to their reverse engineered models in their CAD applications were forced to:

1. Export an un-editable, "dumb" surface model that lacked parametricity
2. Recreate a parametric CAD model through a variety of workarounds which require multiple software applications and do not ensure accuracy

Creating a parametric CAD model from 3D scan data allows users to fully realize the value of 3D scanning. Rapidform XOR features a set of tools designed specifically to address the unique requirements of reverse engineering, ensuring that the final redesigned model is built within user-defined tolerances.

XOV maximizes the innovations in 3D scanner technology, providing the with the most advanced scan data inspection software. Industrial strenght 3D scan based inspection. Powerful, automated and easy to use.

3D scan based inspection is an important new trend, but the technology has been complex and difficult to implement in a conventional QA environment. The technology often does not fit into existing inspection process pipelines because it is not built around the user's process.
3D scan based inspection systems consist of sophisticated technology components that can't be managed with simple mea-suring and inspection software. 3D scan based ins-pection systems (hardware and soft-ware) must be process-centric and integrated into existing QA workflows in order to be effec-tive.
That is why Systematic Inspect-ion Processing™ is indispensa-ble to revolutionize the conven-tional product design and manufacturing processes through effectively adopting 3D scanning technology in the current QA infrastructures.

Rapidform XOV/Verifier is the world's first software for Sys-tematic Inspection Processing using dense point cloud data. It is the only software of its kind that is built around the customer inspection process, with detailed planning and fast and easy execution of inspection process-ing. Built for accuracy and speed, if offers real time scan-to-CAD and scan-to-scan comparison and industry-proven geometric dimension & tolerance. It is the only point-cloud software with 100% repeatable inspection processing in the world. Rapidform XOV can be easily operated by either design & production professionals or shop floor technicians.

Rapidform XOV maximizes the innovations in 3D scanner technology, providing the world with the most advanced 3D scan data inspection software. Rapidform XOV offers extremely accurate Scan-to-CAD, Scan-to-STL and Scan-to-Scan comparisons as well as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) at incredible speeds. Rapidform XOV has been recognized globally for its accuracy by the German PTB, the American NIST and the British NPL.