Mephisto Scanner

Reliable - Precise - Very flexible

Mephisto EX-PRO (New), CX-PRO (New), EOS & EX Micro

Mephisto family scanners are designed using consumer electronics and mass produced machine vision components. These components are higher quality, more reliable and more cost effective than custom-made components.
Standard components help as develop and upgrade our solutions faster, using much more mature technologies. This approach helps to provide highest quality with minimum maintenance issues or delays.
Standard connectivity using FireWire, USB and VGA formats gives Mephisto users flexibility in choosing hardware platform and gives unparalleled opportunity to grow and improve systems with every new improved development on the market.

Mephisto 3D scanner is assembled on rigid adjustable gear to give maximum flexibility in choosing scanning volume and distance.
And although initial set that comes with Mephisto EX could be used in all imaginable conditions, Mephisto users are free to expand and modify mounting gear using standard photography, video and machine vision components to fit even most specific needs.
Combined with our high quality band path filters and high quality Tamron zoom lens, this camera gives ultimate flexibility and outstanding quality in wide range of circumstances and conditions. Expanded gamma controls provides base for high quality accurate fringe recording system. And full frame shutter and high frame rate makes it possible to use the system for non-rigid object scanning too.


3D scanning has become a very important and integral part of many industries. Engineering, medicine, computer graphics and animation... the list is growing every day.

There are many 3D scanners available on the market, but very few can match the flexibility and quality of our Mephisto family scanners. The Mephisto product range is new on the market, but it is based on many years of experience in production - this 3d scanner was developed to solve the problems and performs in the most complex situations and with very difficult objects. Mephisto's strength is in it's flexibility, in it's advanced software algorithms and ever growing toolset. And it is probably the only one 3d scanner in the world that could be easily improved as time goes by. Mephisto produces very clean structured triangulated data. The quality of the mesh often is much higher than mesh triangulated in processing software from the point cloud.

Besides, Mephisto engine is extremely fast, able to generate triangulated mesh of millions of polygons in few seconds. Mephisto produces an opportunity for user to choose what type of data to export.
The choice includes points, normals, vertex color, faces, UV coordinates and textures. It is possible to sub-sample data internally, using non-destructive settings, to find optimal density and resolution for each scan.



Mephisto EX 3D scanner is using DLP type projectors for binary and fringe pattern projection. DLP projectors have many advantages to compare to other projection technologies and provides excellent base for structured light systems.
DLP technology is based on micro-mirror device. Every pixel is a tiny mirror that could be switched on and reflect light or switched off. DLP projectors therefore are true digital devices, are very fast in operation, and produce high brightness and high contrast images.
These are very important factors for structured light 3D scanning system. Brightness and contrast are two main factors influencing scanning quality and robustness.

Most modern DLP projectors are able to produce 2000-3000 ANSI lumens with 2000:1 contrast ratio.
Mephisto EX is compatible with Infocus, Acer, Benq and other multimedia projectors with wide screen format and 1280x768 resolution.
All Mephisto EX components are synchronized and linked together by simple cable assembly and Mephisto software. Assembling and connecting system together requires no special skills or tools and takes less than five minutes.
Mephisto EX components are lightweight and compact. This makes it easy to pack and unpack system for travelling and off site scanning. Mephisto EX is truly mobile scanning solutions, used by professionals in most extreme conditions and places.

Mephisto Software

The Mephisto 3D scanning engine is based on 3 core components – Calibration, Processing and IO Interface. Mephisto calibration is very simple yet powerful solution. Geometric system calibration is performed using flat calibration board with checker pattern.

It takes just 5 to 6 shots with different calibration board orientation angles to compute system intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. Robust calibration code users bundle adjustment to optimize solution and produce perfect.

Mephisto workflow is project based. Project Wizard helps you to define your scanning system, select cameras to be used for scanning and high-resolution texture, projection screens and other properties. Once project is created and system is calibrated, it could be saved and reloaded over and over again. Project structure allows saving scanned data, images and other information in organized matter. Even when you scan most complex object from hundreds of different angles, Mephisto will organize the data and will make project management easy for you.

Turntable and DeepScan

Mephisto software provides additional features like Turntable mode and DeepScan. Both features are deeply integrated in the Mephisto 3D engine and are designed to improve workflow and quality of the data.

Once scanning session is finished and data is imported in processing software like Rapidform, each dataset is already correctly aligned and user can finalize the model with final registration and merging. Turntable mode could save hours of tedious manual work and improve registration speed and quality.

DeepScan Mode is based on combination of histogram stabilization, variance minimization and other image processing techniques and algorithms and is designed to minimize inherited system noise without compromising and distorting actual information stored in images. This mode vastly expands optical operating range of the system and boost reconstruction quality even in the most complex and unfavourable conditions. Unlike smoothing or noise reduction techniques, DeepScan produces very smooth and crisp results without compromising actual measurement precision.


Model EX-PRO Ex Micro CX-PRO EOS
Main geometry camera Firewire 800 HDTV Firewire 800 HDTV Sony Firewire 1.3 megapixels Canon EOS 1000 D Rebel XS
Resolution 1920 x 1080 8 bits 1920 x 1080 8 bits 1280 x 960 8 bits 1936 x 1288 8 bits
Lens mount C (F with adaptor) C (F with adaptor) C Canon EF
Standard lens Nikor AF Zoom 18-35 mm Nikor AF Zoom 18-35 mm Computar 5-50 mm varifocal Canon Kit 18-55 mm Zoom
Supported texture cameras Canon 1000D/500D/450D/ 40D/50D/5D MarkII/ 1Ds Canon 450D/ 40D/50D/5D Mark II/ 1Ds Canon 1000D/500D/450D/ 40D/50D/5D MarkII/ 1Ds  
Max texture resolution 12.4 megapixels
Projector type DLP Optoma DLP EX 531p
Projector resolution 1280 x 800 1280 x 800 1280 x 800 1024 x 767
Projector brightness 2500 ANSI lumens 2600 ANSI lumens
Working Range(m) 0.7 - 4.5 0.1 - 4.5 0.7 - 4.5 0.5 - 3.0
Acquisition time (sec) 0.3 - 1.5 0.24 - 1.5 20
Point to point distance (mm) 0.43 - 2.8 / 0.14 - 0.85 0.03 - 2.8 / 0.14 - 0.85 0.52 / 3.7 0.1
Point accuracy (mm) 0.05 (average) 0.01 (average) 0.15 (average) 0.01 - 0.2
Deep Scan YES YES optional optional
Turntable mode YES YES optional optional
Canon scanning YES YES YES YES

For more Specification data see our Product Broschures.


Highly flexible and intuitive structured light 3D scanning system. Achieve fast, accurate, high quality scanning results with a minimum of processing time and user interaction. Suitable for small and large area scanning of animated as well as static objects. Applications include:

  • 3D scanning for medical research
  • 3D scanning for automotive, aviation industries
  • 3D scanning for reverse engineering
  • 3D scanning for architecture and heritage
  • 3D capture of small objects for model making and jewelry

The Mephisto scanning engine has a wide choice of options and capabilities which enable it to cope with the most complex scanning objects and situations.
It is possible to use high quality robust machine vision cameras for fast high resolution scanning, or expand the scanning range with a Canon DSLR for higher resolution and a higher dynamic range.

The unique ultra fast algorithm computes a range image and triangulates the mesh at near real time speed. Simple and user friendly interface with project based software workflow means a shallow learning curve.
The Mephisto 3D scanner is based on high quality consumer and reliable machine vision components. This gives the advantage in maintaining low costs, easy maintenance and interchange ability, resulting in low offline time.


Mephisto 3D scanners

Mephisto EX-PRO


Mephisto CX-PRO


Mephisto EOS


Mephisto EX Micro

Mephisto Extreme is our flagship 3D scanner, with Deep Scan, turntable mode, HDTV (1920 x1080) resolution machine vision camera with large,high quality Kodak CCD sensor , high quality Nikon mount lens with aspheric optics, high contrast ratio high resolution projector. Mephisto Extreme produces unparalleled quality results, compatible with highest range competition scanners, while remaining affordable and extremely flexible solution.


Most versatile and popular option, consists of DLP projector, fire wire camera, Canon SLR camera and Mephisto software. Suitable for high resolution scanning of static and animate objects utilizing fire wire camera or Canon DSLR (both modes can include high resolution texture images). Includes bidirectional scanning mode. No limits placed on accuracy or scanning speed. Accuracy as high as 0.06mm.


Based on Extreme system, Mephisto EOS is designed to scan small objects at high resolution. Specialized optics and mounting gear allows to reduce scanning area to 7.5 cm (3 in). Sophisticated chroma aberrations control algorithm combined with full control over projected fringe color and gamma gives perfect tool to handle small, detailed object scanning.


Based on EX-PRO, the Micro 3D scanner is designed to scan small objects at high resolution. Specialized optics and mounting gear allows to reduce scanning area to 7.5 cm (3 in). Sophisticated chroma aberrations control algorithm combined with full control over projected fringe color and gamma gives perfect tool to handle small, detailed 3D object scanning.



The loading time for the 3D-model depends on the speed of your Internet connection. If the model moves liquidly, depends on your computer speed.
For a more liquid representation the number of the surfaces of some models was reduced.

Hold the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse around to change the perspective. With the mouse wheel (or the right mouse button) you can zoom the model.

Over the model you can find a 3D menu with more options, for example for the measurement.

For the display of the upper files Adobe ® reader ® 8.1 or higher is necessary.