New Handheld laser scanner for easy & fast object digitizing

FastSCAN is lightweight and  portable, with the ability to scan objects in their natural environment, onsite. This is particularly useful for physiological scanning applications since the device allows free form handheld scanning with no mechanical constraints.

The Cobra instantly acquires three dimensional surfaces by gathering measurements made by smoothly sweeping a handheld laser scanning wand over an object - in a manner similar to spray painting. The object's image instantly appears on your computer screen and the finished scan is processed to combine any overlapping sweeps, significantly reducing the time to develop surface models of virtually any object with little or no metal content. The three-dimensional data can then be saved in industry-standard formats for loading into other programs.

FastSCAN Cobra is designed to scan non-metallic, opaque objects. The scanner works by casting a fan of laser light over the object, while the camera on the wand views the laser to record a cross-sectional profile of the object. The embedded FASTRAK® is used to determine the position and orientation of the wand, enabling the computer to reconstruct the full three-dimensional surface of the object. Moveable objects may be scanned by attaching a second receiver to the object.


Examples of use

medical (orthopedics, anaplasty, etc.)   archaeology/architecture   restoration/ wood working


Scanning people

The handheld laser scanner can be used to digitize a human shape for animation, multimedia, custom apparel design, biomedical research, forensics, etc. The following example demonstrates the scanner's ability to:

  • Scan a human subject rapidly while subject remains still
  • Use the second receiver on a headband to track involuntary movement of the subject
  • Scan a complicated surface with convolutions that would normally be obscured from a conventional turntable-based laser scanner


Scanning objects

The handheld laser scanner can be used to digitize the surface of objects for animation, rapid prototyping, 3D measurement, archiving, etc. The following example demonstrates the scanner's ability to:

  • Rapidly digitize the complete 3D surface of an object
  • Save the data in industry standard formats to be used by other programs



The loading time for the 3D-model depends on the speed of your Internet connection. If the model moves liquidly, depends on your computer speed.
For a more liquid representation the number of the surfaces of some models was reduced.

Hold the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse around to change the perspective. With the mouse wheel (or the right mouse button) you can zoom the model.

Over the model you can find a 3D menu with more options, for example for the measurement.

For the display of the upper files Adobe ® reader ® 8.1 or higher is necessary.