The new 3D-Scanner

for the Hearing Aid Audiologist

The freedom of choice

The new mini 3D-scanner EarScout is the solution for the innovative Hearing Aid Audiologist. The principle of easy and intuitive handling makes EarScout a valuable tool for everyday use.

NEW: EarScout lets you choose the laboratory you confide in – at no other cost: no rent, no pay per scan, no compensation. You will sell the hearing aid which best fits your customer's needs, not your laboratory's. Save money by saving shipping costs to laboratories, increase customer satisfaction by quicker and more individual service.

And – to tell the truth – this mini 3D-scanner is awesome stylish! EarScout irradiates a high end technical competence that will impress your customers.
Placed in an almost dust free environment (e.g. a shop or surgery) EarScout works practically without any maintenance. But - just in case – there will arise any need of technical support the issue will be solved shortly after contacting the German manufacturer – silently by remote maintenance.



The 3D mini scanner EarScout has its soft-ware included. Operating simply intuitive and fully automatic, earscout will quickly be-come your comfortable daily tool.
The absolute highlight is the freedom of choice: any laboratory that works with stl-files will do. You just send your files by email or ftp-sever, your laboratory of choice does the rest. This is the way to stay flexible in quality and cost.
You simply connect and install EarScout easily by USB interface to your standard PC – as any other USB component. Quick and com-petent support can be obtained by remote maintenance if necessary.

EarScout is "Made in Germany", RSI GmbH is a 100% German enterprise. Short ways mean quick support.

More Features

  • Software included
  • Most simple handling
  • Fully automatic processing
  • Data transport at no charge by email to a laboratory of your choice
  • Connection to an internal or external data base
  • Absolutely maintenance free operation
  • Comfortable support via remote maintenance
  • Child's play to install via USB connection to almost any standard PC
  • Stylish design case
  • Made in Germany

Technical Specifications

Precision 0.05 mm
Scan Simultaneous scan of two aural casts
Scanning time < 180 sec
Measurements, H x D x W (mm) 230 x 230 x 210
Light weight ca. 4 kg
Export format open format .STL


Computer minimum configuration

Processor CPU with 2 GHz
Grafics card DirectX compatibel
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 32 oder 64 Bit